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As the World Wide Web expands, so too does the ever growing number of customizers who have taken advantage of the net to create galleries of their craftsmanship for all to marvel in wonder. This new list reflects sites that are up and running as of this writing. If you don't see your site on this initial list, then by all means add it!


This list is always growing and evolving. Don't see your site on the list, or want to suggest a new category? Let us know about it here. Sites can appear in multiple categories. Find a link that is no longer active? Tell us about that, too.


Buffy & Angel

Customs by Alyrenee

John's Buffyverse Customs
Kenobi706's Custom Figures

Sasha's Buffy, Angel, Fray & Firefly Customs
Shelkate's Customized Dolls


Dragonball Z

Brangeta's Customs


G.I. Joe

Action Figure Factory

Brutcher Customs

Chad & Matthew's Custom G.I. Joe Figures
Commando Customs

Cool Collecting

Crimson Strike Viper's Customs

Dye Customs

G.I. Joe - A Real American Bash - The TCM Hitchhiker Collection

The Hipster Dufus' Customs

True Grit Customs

X-Fan #1



Action Figure Factory

Amy's Customs
Angel's Customs

The Creature's Lab

Dark Horse's World

Dave's Custom Shop

Figure Realm Gallery
Jedidoug's Brokeback Mountain Custom Figures

Jim & Matt's Customs
Glorbes' Customs

Go With the 'Fro
Ironman's Customs

Kirk's Kustoms

Legends Reborn
Lumbster Custom Sports Figures

MadDog's Customs
Maelstrom's Customs
Micro ER
Nero's Customs

Nightmares & Nightstalkers
Peter O.'s

Plastic Culture Studios
Shinobitron's Customs

Zach's Customs


Masters of the Universe

Cool Collecting

Crimson Strike Viper's Customs

Custom Action Figures by Jeremy Sung

Dr. Faceless' Customs
Greg's Customs
J-Sun's MOTU Customs

Kevin's Customs
Passion Designs

Plastic Culture Studios

Smanomega's Customs



Quinn Rollins Customs


Original Characters



Resources (see also the Articles & FAQ page)

Aves Studio


Backflip Custom Site Links

The Custom Action Figure Forum

The Custom Coalition

The Custom Dungeon

The Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide

Polymeric Systems, Inc. (Makers of Kneadatite)

The Sculpture Underground

Smart Groups Customizer's ListServe

Custom Action Figures by Jeremy Sung



Action Figure Factory

The Fabric of Space & Time

Generation Micro

Mat's Customs

Mego Doctor Who and Customs

Toni's Customs

Wicked Force!



Action Figure Factory


Star Trek

Custom Star Trek Action Figures by John Moore

Christopher Giles.com

Ian's Star Trek Memories

Jeff's Custom Figures

Lashr1999's Custom Figures

Chris Lee's Customs

Michael's Custom Star Trek Figures

Mike Clay's Star Trek Customs

Star Trek Custom Action Figures


Star Wars

Action Figure Factory

Adam's Star Wars Customs

The Art of Plastic Surgery by Dr. Evazan


Craig Mullan's Customs

The Custom Alliance

Dave's Custom Shop

Dedcat's House of Plastic Fun

DGM Toys Exclusives

Dr Maul's Spare Parts

Eric's Customs

The Forgotten Force Ultimate Resource Guide
Glassman's Customs
Glorbes' Customs

Hugh Montague Figures

The Imperial Gallery

JimmyH's Custom Carded Figures
John H's Customs

Kap's Custom Universe.com

Legacy of the Force

RollaJedi's Online Empire

Sarlacc Pit Custom Figures

The Scoundrel's Gallery

Scurvy's Customs

The Tantive IV

Visions of the Force Customs

Waypoint Customs

Wicked Force!



Darktron's Lair

The Qui'ote Files

Stikfas Customizers Guild


Super Heroes

Joe Acevedo.com
Action Figure Customizers

Action Figure Factory
Adventure Customs
AF Productions
Age of Apocalypse Customs
Airmax Animated

Almost Colossus Creations

Al's Action Figures

Andrew's Customs
Angel's Customs
Anthropomorphic Designs

4p4thy Ink's Customs

Arkenyon's Customs
Azmi's Customs

Dustin Baetz-Albums

Bat-Mite's Bat Page

Battlehammer Creations
Bill Burns' Custom Action Figures

Bionic Chalupa

Bottleimp's Customs

Bleit1701's Custom Action Figures (Mego)

Brian's Customs

Brian R.'s Customs

The Bruce's Customs

Brutcher Customs

Cals' Customs

Calvin's Custom League of America

CapnCrunch's Customs

Captain Ron's Customs

Carthut's Custom Made Action Figures and Beyond!!

Chicken Coop Customs

Chris Buek's Customs
City of Heroes Unlimited

Commando Customs

Copperpot's Customs

Crushin' A Guy

Custom Heroes

Figures by Mike Danza


Deadpool's Lego Universe

DGM Toys Exclusives

Displays of Power

Doubledealer's Custom Figures

DutchMan's Custom Marvel Legends

Dye Customs
Edgaar's Customs

Emerald Sentinel Design
E.R.'s Customs

Erik's Custom Packaging

Fat Sal's Custom Super Powers Figures

Faithful Butler's Customs


Gee Jay's Customs

Christopher Giles.com

Ghetto Gepetto's Custom

Ghostdog Customs

Glaken's Customs
Glassman's Customs
Glorbes' Customs

Great White Custom Figures
Greydeath's Customs
Guts Eater's Customs

Gary Heleniaks' Customs

Heroes by James
Heroic Proportions Gallery

The Hipster Dufus' Customs
HypeCyclops' Customs

Icylocks' Customs


Inanimate Objects

Inferno's Customs

Infinity Gauntlet

Iron-Cow Prod.
Ironman's Customs

Jack's Custom Page

Charlie Jackam's Action Figure Gallery

Jeff's Custom Figures

Jesabell's Customs
Jojo's Customs

Jonart Designs
Joshua's Customs
JP Noble's Customs
Juan's Customs

Justin X's Customs

Keegy's Customs
Kevin's Super Powers Customs

Kirk's Kustoms
Knock Knock Toys
Kyle Robinson's Custom Legends
Kylshaw Kustoms

Lars' Customs

Chris Lee's Customs

Chris Longo's Customs

Lord Cable's Customs

Lowe's Custom Figures

MadDog's Customs
Manuel's Customs

Matt Britton's Chop Shop

Mattman's Custom Figures

The Metaverse
MC Customs

Michael R.'s Customs

Miry's Custom Action Figure Land

MonkeyHead's Customs
Moo Creations' Customs

Joe Mucci's Customs

Nad1013's Customs

Tung Nguyen's Plastic Surgery

Nick's Toybox

NMH's Custom Figures
N TT's Customs

Oswald's Customs
Pantsmakepeopleangry: Captain Ron's custom action figures
Passion Designs
Pendragon Concepts

Pete's Famous Covers Customs

Pete Tassler's Collection

Peter's Customs

Mat Planet's Customs

Plastic Knights

Project Custom

PVC Pipe Dreams
Q's Customs

The Qui'ote Files

R.A.G. Inc.

Ray H.'s Customs
RayJ's Customs

Razor's Customs
Red and White's Customs
Redmist's Customs

Red Pill Creations

RedShoes60's Customs

Will Reid's Custom Barbies
Richard M.'s Customs

Robbie MacRorie's Gotham City

Robert's Customs

Roberto's Customs

Rod's Custom Action Figures

Ron Lopez's Customs
Sami's Customs

SamuRon's Custom Action Figures

Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys


S. Colin's Customs

Scooter's Custom Works

Scott Rogers' Customverse

Scott's Super Powers Custom Action Figures

Sign of the Hammer
Simon's Customs
Spawnking's Customs
Superman's Custom Site

Thierry's Customs

Thierry D's Customs

Tom Spear's Customs

Custom Action Figures by Jeremy Sung

Thor's Customs

Thor292's Secret Stash of Custom Figures

Tigerduck Custom Figures

Tim & Kevin's Customs
Tinyman's Customs

Tony's Customs

Tony Moreno's Customs
Toy Crypt

Tyke's Customs

Tzupics Heroclix

Uncanny XMen.net

Valor's Custom Figures

Victor's Customs
Victor Kraven Online
Weerd1's Customs

Werewolf62 Mego Classic Custom Figures

Wicked Force!

William Ertzman's Customs
Wolfmano's Customs

Xavier's Customs

X-Fan #1
Z's Customs


Blaynsterz Kitbashez

Dedcat's House of Plastic Fun

Dimensional Paper Modeling

Doubledealer's Custom Figures

Inanimate Objects
Radius 80s Customs




Brutcher Customs

Hasbromania Customs/Chair Shot figures

The Hipster Dufus' Customs

The Underfaker
Walking Condominium's Hasbro Classic Superstars

Whoop Ass Customs




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