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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Scurvy's Customs


Scurvy can be contacted at [email protected]

Scurvy would like to thank Tony Dierlizzi of Rebelscum.com for reference and Iron Cow for previously hosting images.



Threepio was a 12-inch TC-14 from TPM. After the body was lightly sanded, several coats of acrylic paints were washed over the body. This was a fairly simple custom, but getting the colors right gave me some problems.


AOTC Battle Droid


This was originally an 00M-9 from TPM. The arms and legs were removed and repositioned using screws. The wrists and hands were also altered so the figure could hold his rifle with both hands in a more battle-ready position. The entire figure was then repainted with acrylics.


Count Dooku


Possibly the best sculpt head sculpt in this entire series, the likeness is really brought out with a repaint of the face. The figure's legs were lengthened with screws and wooden dowels just below the knee in order to give the figure a more accurate height. The outfit was hand altered for fit.



Boba Fett (versions 1 and 2)


Version 1 used Hasbroís electronic version as its base. The body was switched with a Dragon body. The fabric was hand altered for better fit, and hand painted with diluted acrylic paints. The armor was repainted using acrylics.


Version 2 used the same method as version 1, but the original Collectorís Series figure was used.




Greedoís outfit was hand sewn to better fit the body. The entire figure was painted with diluted acrylics. The bar table and stool arenít exactly movie accurate, but they were fairly easy to construct. The table was a tin container with strips of styrene glued to the sides to add definition. The stool was made from different pieces of plastic containers found around the house. A $6 light socket and cord were fed through a small hole in the table.


Hoth Han Solo and Taun Taun


Hanís body was switched with a Dragon. The face was repainted. The entire outfit was painted with diluted acrylics. I changed the drab brown jacket to blue. His accessories were weathered with acrylics.


The Taun Taun was completely cover in fake fur purchased at a hobby store. It was attached using a hot glue gun.


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