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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Thor's Customs


Thor can be contacted at [email protected]


Made from a super shooter Collosus, with use of acrylic paint and hot glue.

3 X-Men


 Havok; made from a Captain America figure with plastic and hot glue for the armor.


 Marrow; made from Blink, with hot glue for the bone effects.


 "Alex Ross" Angel; made from Spiderman with Classic X-Men Angel wings and a hand made cloak.

Englands Heroes


Captain Britain; made from a Northstar figure.


Union Jack; made from a spiderman figure.



Made from an X-Men Spyke figure, and a Sunfire head.

Odin (from Nightmare Comics' "Eternity")


Made from Marvel Legends Thor figure, with faux fur cape and boots, hot glue for the clothing and hair and wood spear.




Made from a Classic Beast figure, with hot glue for the fur.

US Agent


Made from a ML Captain America figure.


Wolverine as "Death"


Made from a super shooters Collosus figure.



Made from urban legends Spiderman, with parts from gambit, Daredevil, and custom accesories and costume detail work. This is more like the Liefeld Deadpool, in his early days.


"Earth X" Blackbolt


Made from a nightcrawler figure with a Conduit figure head and handcrafted detail work on the cape and helmet..

Captain Marvel


Made from a spiderman body and an Antman head.

Fantastic Four family: (left to right)


"Original" Human torch, made from a Dardevil figure

Mr. Fantastic made from Northstar and Kang figures, and a tony stark head.

Invisible Girl made from Blink

Dr. Doom made from a Captain America figure.

Namor made from a Sunfire figure with a quicksilver head

Thing made from a Toy Biz Victor figure

"Baghead" Peter Parker made from an X-Man figure.



Made from AoA Sabretooth and Wonderman figures.



Made from a FFSW figure with custom work on the head, arms and legs.

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