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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Mat Planet's Customs


Mat can be contacted at [email protected]



Angela is a repaint of the wonderful Angela figure made by McFarlane Toys, then called Todd Toys. This is mostly an exercise in accessories, with me making her lance and ribbons, which go a long way in improving the piece.


The base was the ML Captain America, with the glove and boot cuffs being removed, and then rebuilt with Crayola Model Magic to become Batman's distinctive gloves and boots. The Model Magic remains a bit flexible after heating, so for the fins on the gloves it'll be a good way to keep them from breaking. The hands were swapped with a random wrestling figure I had lying around. It totally changed the personality of the figure compared to the Captain America. Slots were cut in the new hands with holes drilled out so that they would retain the articulation. The head is a reworked Cap head too, with the cowl built out of Sculpey. Parts from Zipline Batman were used, including the belt, and the bottoms of his boots. In the Preliminary Scan you can see how Zipline Batman's boots were attached to the boots of Captain America. The final product has the tread and logo in the soles of the boots, and retains all of Captain America's articulation. Batman is also a bit taller than Cap because of these boots. The chest emblem was cut from sign vinyl. The cape is from an old custom I made; it's cloth.




























The Black Widow

Two bases figures combined - McFarlane's Danger Girl Sydney Savage and MAC's Angel figure Faith. Sydney's chest and head, Faith's abdomen, legs and arms. The abdomen had to be worked over quite a bit to fit with the torso and keep the waist swivel joint, while Faiths arms fit perfectly into Sydney's shoulders joints. Belt and stingers are made from Sculpey, and a slip of paper makes her undershirt tanktop, so that she's not too slutty. The boots are all wrong but work for the elegance of the character. Ended up with some decent articulation in this one.

The Creech

Simple repaint because I didn't like the way the reds came out in the production piece. A ton of detail work in those mitts and boots. A favorite.




After I came up with this recipe I saw a few people use it, which is a real complement. I do think the body type is just about perfect for the character, which I still like more than the DD put out as part of the Spidey Kraven wave. It's a DC 7" Superman Blue, with the etched lines filled in, and a head from Zorro's Evil Ramon, modified to remove the hair and goatee, and horns added. Painted up with a cut sign vinyl DD chest emblem.

Manga Freak

This is one of the neatest toys ever designed and its production, part of the infamous Manga Spawn II line, was worse than horrible. The prototype looked real great though, so I made my production model look like that. Anyone who has the actual Manga Freak can look at this and know how much time was put into redoing the colors and detail work. By far the most time I ever put into a custom.



























Ah this was fun. That's the Nightcrawler from the Giant Size X-Men #1 Box Set and parts from an old Spidey Classic body. The double elbows joints and forearms of the Spidey were used with the old upper arms (fitted perfect!) and the old hands were drilled out and fitted onto the pegs of the Spidey forearm, so the articulation stays. Abdomen and legs from the Spidey fitted to the old chest, and the old feet drilled out and attached to the lower leg posts of the Spidey. The old tail was attached to the Spidey abdomen which also got a little Sculpey stripe to complete te costume detail. Much like the original Nightcrawler base figure, but much more articulated and in better scale with Marvel Legends.

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