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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Joshua's Customs


Joshua can be contacted at [email protected]


Movie Nightcrawler

After seeing Bruenor's fantastic movie Nightcrawler custom, and also after being inspired by Doubledealer's comic-styled Nightcrawler, I figured I would try to capture the best of both worlds.  As like the other movie customs, he has Nightcrawler's hands, feet, tail and head on a Cyclops body. But, I added painted detail to achieve more of a comic book styled look to it. Now, on a shelf of Marvel Legends and DC Direct figures, this supposed 'real world' re-imagining of Nightcrawler fits in a little better.

The Shadow

The Shadow has always been one of my favorite movies. Right there next to Rocketeer and Phantom, I think The Shadow is one of the most under-rated comic book movies out there - but that's just me. Okay, the custom is crafted from a DC Direct Phantom Stranger.  I cut off his cape, added some Kneadatite (thanks to both Casimir and Iron-Cow for that) for his chest section and some vinyl to extend his trench coat and I finished it off with a swatch of canvas for his scarf.  After a lot of sanding, priming and painting, the Shadow was ready to look into the hearts of men...

The Phantom

The Phantom was rather and easy custom. He began life as a DC Direct Blue Beetle. I took off his holster and goggles, dremelled away all of his surface scribe lines and was ready to go. Prime, paint and seal and voila,
instant pulp superhero.

The Nevermen

For the "main" Neverman, I used a John Constantine body and a Phantom Stranger head.  I had to cut off the tie and dremel away the old collar - and after the head was re-attached, I resculpted a buttoned up collar for the necktie. The Nevermen don't slouch.  I primed, painted and sealed him and he was ready to go.

The other two Nevermen were crafted from DC Direct Question figures with some swanky new paint jobs.  The goggles from all three came from McFarlane Kaneda figures I got on sale.

St. George Bendictus

This neo-pulp character was introduced to readers' as
a back-up feature in one Mike Mignola's magnificent
Hellboy Books as the leader of a clandestine order of
heroes known as the Corpus Monstrum - The Monstermen.

Gary Gianni's signature character, illustrated with
his impeccable line, was an instant hit with me!  The
tuxedo married with the knights helmet was just

Knowing that Mezco is coming out with a 7" Hellboy
toy, I needed a St. George to pal around with the big
red guy...

St. George has Uncle Sam's chest and arms, the Phantom Strangers legs and hands, and the Harry Potter
Exploding Knight for the head.


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