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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Andrew's Customs


Andrew can be contacted at [email protected]

Captain Britain


A WCW Steve Mongo McMichaels figure repaint.

Black Bolt


A WCW Bill Goldberg repaint with unknown underarm wings and a spare plastic forehead tuning fork.


A WWF Ken Shamrock upper body with an unknown fork hand, a Toybiz X-Force Grizzly hammer hand, and a lower body from a Marvel Legends Namor display base.



A Marvel Legends Elektra with minor resculpting, a spare plastic psi-knife, and an Elektra sword.

Black Knight

A Marvel Legends Magneto with a resculpted helmet, a Toybiz Magneto's cape, the front sash from a Marvel Legends Elektra, unknown shoulder pads and shield and an Evil Ash sword.

The Falcon

A WCW Booker T repaint with wings from a Toybiz X-men Missile Flyers Wolverine.


Giant Man

A WWF Finishing Moves Jeff Hardy repaint with a resculpted head.


Wonder Man


A WWE Kurt Angle repaint with WWE sunglasses.


This Captain America villain was a WCW Bill Goldberg figure with gun holsters made out of a Toybiz Iron Man's leg armor and a knife from a Toybiz wolverine.



Head from the missile of the Toybiz Missile Flyer Wolverine, as well as the upper body, tail, and feet, with legs from a WWF Ken Shamrock and a homemade lab coat out of cloth.


A Heroclix Meteorite resculpt with plastic wings.

Dr. Strange

Made from a WCW Kanyon figure with a ML Magneto cape and spare plastic parts for collar and sash.

The Comedian

A WWF Big Show figure with a shoulder pad from Iron Man armor and other random accessories.

Dr. Manhattan

A Finishing Moves WWF Billy Gunn figure, resculpt and repaint.


A Finishing Moves WWF Undertaker figure with a ML Gambit coat and a scrap cloth scarf.


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