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Welcome to the all new Raving Toy Maniac Custom Toy Galleries! Here you'll find images of customs by artists of all skills and genres. Have a look around, and feel free to send your comments to the creators or to discuss and ask questions here.


If you'd like to share images of your own customs and don't already have an on-line gallery, we'd be happy to help. Just send us a polite email with the images you'd like to share. Remember to include the following:


1) Your name and email address you'd like your work credited to.

2) The title of each image or character, making sure the images can be identified. (This is important. You may know every X-Men character ever written, but I won't. Be specific.)

3) Any pertinent recipes or write-ups. (Remember to give credit where credit is due.)


Please keep your images at a screen resolution (usually less than 200 kb), in either .gif or .jpg formats. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Please send all files or questions here.



The Raving Toy Maniac Custom Galleries

CustomCon 14
In Spring of 2006, RTM was proud to host the bi-annual CustomCon.

CustomCon 12

In Spring of 2005, RTM was proud to host the bi-annual CustomCon.


CustomCon 10

In Spring of 2004, RTM was proud to host the bi-annual CustomCon.


Immortalized in Plastic

RTM's gallery of "real" people. Open to new submissions!


Amy's Customs


Andrew's Customs

Angel's Customs

4p4thy Ink's Customs

Azmi's Customs

Bat39's Customs

Bottleimp's Customs

Brangeta's Customs

Brian R.'s Customs

The Bruce's Customs


Copperpot's Customs

Crimson Strike Viper's Customs

Doombot's Customs

Dr. Faceless' Customs

Edgaar's Customs

E.R.'s Customs

Eric's Customs

Erik's Customs

Gary Heleniaks' Customs

Ghetto Gepetto's Custom

Ghostdog Customs

Glaken's Customs

Glorbes' Customs

Greg's Customs

Greydeath's Customs

Guts Eater's Customs

The Hipster Dufus' Customs

HypeCyclops' Customs

Icylocks' Customs

Ironman's Customs

Jim & Matt's Customs

John H's Customs

Jojo's Customs

Joshua's Customs


The Customs of Jonart Designs


JP Noble's Customs


JustinX's Customs


Keegy's Customs


Kevin's Customs

Kyle Robinson's Custom Legends

Lars' Customs


Chris Longo's Customs


Lord Cable's Customs


MadDog's Customs

Maelstrom's Customs

Manuel's Customs

Mat's Customs


MonkeyHead's Customs

Moo Creations' Customs

Nero's Customs

Norm Dapito's Customs

N TT's Customs

Peter's Customs

Peter O.'s

Pete Tassler's Collection

Mat Planet's Customs

Q's Customs

Quinn Rollins Customs

Ray H.'s Customs

RayJ's Customs

Razor's Customs

Red and White's Customs

Redmist's Customs

Richard M.'s Customs

Robert's Customs

Roberto's Customs

Rombado's Customs

Sami's Customs

S. Colin's Customs

Scott Rogers' Customverse

Scurvy's Customs

Shinobitron's Customs

Siccx's Customs

Simon's Customs

Smanomega's Customs

Spawnking's Customs

Tom Spear

Thierry's Customs

Thierry D's Customs

Thunderbolt's Customs

Tinyman's Customs

Toni's Customs


Tony's Customs


Tony Moreno's Customs


Thor's Customs


Tyke's Customs


Victor's Customs

Walking Condominium's Hasbro Classic Superstars

Weerd1's Customs

Welshcat's Customs

William Ertzman's Customs

Wolfmano's Customs

Xavier's Customs

X-Fan #1

Z's Customs

Zach's Customs



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