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Welcome to RTM Features. This is where you will find longer articles about the toy industry, toy collecting or anything we thought might be of interest.

dc heroclix DC HeroClix: HeroClix from Wiz Kids expands into the DC Universe, pairing popular comic book characters with their collectible miniature gaming system.
Krana from Bionicle Toa Nuva: The heroes of LEGO's BIONICLE series have evolved from the Toa into the Toa Nuva. Learn more about how the evolution happened.
marvel heroclix Marvel HeroClix: The makers of Mage Knight expand their unique system of collectible miniatures gaming into the superhero realm of the Marvel Universe.
mage knight Mage Knight: RTM introduces you to Mage Knight and the world of collectible miniatures gaming.
making toys Manufacturing Madness: The Toy Otter answers the age-old question, "how are toys made?" in detail, explaining each step of the complicated process.
LOTR toys BK LOTR: Did you collect all of the toys in the Burger King Lord of the Rings promotion? RTM pictures each toy, lists their features, and also outlines what variant toys exist.
Krana from Bionicle BIONICLE Bohrok: LEGO unleashes a new wave of BIONICLE sets in 2002, including the Bohrok. Learn more about them here.
Freedom the Eagle Toys With Purpose: After the September 11, 2001, attacks, the toy industry leapt into action, producing several special toys to help raise money for charities and relief funds.
Playboy logo A Playmate of Your Own: Playboy and the Stronghold Group bared all to RTM about the collectible series of Playboy Playmates dolls.
quadrex The Quadrex Question: Join RTM as we turn the spotlight on what was planned during the final days of the Super Powers Collection and marvel at the facts uncovered as we try to answer "The Quadrex Question"!
Santa clip art from awesomeclipartforkids.com Holiday Central: Gift ideas for collectors, tips for shopping during the holiday season, why and where to donate toys, New Year's Resolutions and more.
Nuju, a BIONICLE Turaga figure BIONICLE Overview: An overview that should get you up to speed on the basics of BIONICLE from LEGO: who the Toa, Turaga, Tohunga, and Rahi are, what LEGO has for you at the BIONICLE web sites, and the mask codes you'll need to see the movies on the mini-CDs and access some portions of the web site.
Lord of the Rings logo Merchandising Middle Earth: Confused by all the Lord of the Rings merchandise out there? RTM summarizes what has come and what is to come.
Gentle Giant Figuratively Speaking with Gentle Giant Studios: RTM's exclusive interview with Karl Meyer of GG, discussing GG's work on the set of the Lord of the Rings films and Star Wars: Episode II.
Gentle Giant From Action! to Action Figure: come along with RTM to take an exclusive look into how Gentle Giant Studios turned Sir Ian McKellan into an action figure!
London After Midnight London After Midnight: RTM wondered why anyone would make an action figure from a film that no one can ever see again. We asked Sideshow Toy, and their answer was enlightening.

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