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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Glorbes' Customs


Glorbes can be contacted at [email protected]  


Captain Britain
Combination of Justice Superman, ML series' 1 and 8 Captain America, leather, and epoxy putty sculpting. Shield is made from blister card plastic.

Stealth Wolverine with epoxy sculpting and fabric/leather trenchcoat.

Marvel Legends Bishop, with .25 trinket dome, leather, fabric, and epoxy putty sculpting.

Ultima Online figure (head/torso/arms) Evil Ash (legs). Fabric shirt, epoxy putty sculpting, Waverider Nemo lantern (Kryptonite heart)


Candyman head, Ultimate Doc Ock body, Samurai Spawn hands, leather coat, Kabuki accessories, odds and ends, Spike goggles.


Aragorn head, ML 10 Spider-Man body, Chateau set Neo, leather and fabric cloak and coat.

The Shadow

Movie Doc Ock head (credit to Actorjez for the idea), ML 10 Professor X (body), Legolas (hands), epoxy putty/vinyl hat, fabric/leather coat.


Spider-Man Classics Daredevil 2, Theoden boots, Jackal Assassin hands and armour, leather jacket/armour, Morpheus sword.


Resin head cast, ML Nick Fury body, ML Bullseye arms and boots, Reed Richards hands, Super Beaker jet pack (resculpted with epoxy putty), leather jacket.

Boba Fett

Ninja Wolverine (body), Bullseye (hands), odds and ends, original sculpt (head, chest armour etc.).

Doc Savage (from The Rocketeer)
ML Namor (head, shoulders, torso, legs) Movie Doc Ock (arms) Bullseye (boots). Epoxy putty sculpting for pants, jacket, boots, and flight helmet. Blister card goggles, and leather straps, belts, and details.

Darth Vader
ML War Machine (neck, shoulders, arms, chest) SMC Mysterio (stomach, pelvis, hip joints, upper thighs) ML Modern Iron Man (lower thighs, knee joints, shins) X3 Magneto (feet) Mandarin Spawn (hands). Head is an original sculpt from epoxy putty with vinyl "skirting", chest armour and samurai-like armour pieces are from a McFarlane Jackal Assassin. This design is inspired by the conceptual paintings of the character done by various artists (including Ralph McQuarrie) and my own ideas. Fabric and leather make up the rest of the uniform, as well as a large amount of body sculpting with epoxy putty.

ML Franklin Richards with original head, hand and feet sculpts. The robe is fabric and leather, the belt accessories are various odds and ends, and the walking stick is a twig with epoxy putty handle.

Artoo Deetoo and See Threepio
R2 is made from .25 trinket domes, a krazy glue bottle, Alien Racer legs, and various odds and ends from the fodder bucket. 3P0 is made from a Vampire Hunter D female figure with an Ultima Online figure's hands and feet grafted on. The head and body have been re-sculpted and altered with vinyl and epoxy putty.

Nazi Rocket Commando
Designed as an adversary for my Rocketeer, this character was extrapolated from the animated propaganda short shown in the film. The base body combines a ML series 7 Ghost Rider with Namor legs. The body has been heavily resculpted with epoxy putty and the coat is leather. The mask is an origianl sculpt, and the helmet and accessories are from a Plan B Toys WW II German soldier. The Rocket pack is a Zip Line Batman accessory with pen parts added for the boosters and tanks.

Captain Algren (from The Last Samurai)
X3 Magneto with altered head, leather and vinyl armour, and resculpted arms and legs.

Samurai Warrior
ML Deathlok body, Deadpool arms, DCD Superman feet, ML Dr. Doom head. The helmet is from a McFarlane Jackal Assassin, and the mask is a part from a McFarlane Lotus figure. The armour is scratch-built from leather, vinyl, and pin heads (an idea I swiped from Joshua Izzo). The costume is made from several layers of different fabrics and leather.

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