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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

The Bruce's Customs


The Bruce can be contacted at [email protected]

Dr. Manhattan


...is made from a Toy Biz Silver Surfer.  Trunks were made from cut vinyl.  Magic Sculp was used to make toes, ears, nipples, and to make the face look more like Dr. Manhattan.  Surgery was done to the shoulders to make the arms facing to the front instead of to the side.  Also, leg surgery was performed so that he does not stand with his legs ridiculously wide apart.


Nite Owl


...was a DCD Crime Syndicate Owl Man in a previous life.  After cutting down the original figure's headpiece, I used Magic Sculp to alter it into what you see here.  Nite Owl's left fist comes from the original DCD Aquaman, because I wanted him to have one closed fist instead of two open hands in weird positions. Magic Sculp was also used for the goggles, belt pockets, and to make the boot and glove cuffs.  Vinyl was used to provide the belt buckle, collar, cape and the head's back piece.  This was done after a few attempts and much logistical work.  The details on the cape and head were done with a fine-tipped permanent marker and a paint pen.




...uses a DC Direct Phantom Stranger base.  The head came from the Shocker on Peter Parker Spider-Man's base.  It was then cut down and had the Phantom Stranger's hat added.  A new neck had to be sculpted from Magic Sculp to retain articulation.  The scarf was made from Magic Sculp.  The trench coat was made from a combination of cut vinyl and Magic Sculp.


The Comedian

...used to be a DC Direct Vandal Savage. MagicSculp was added to bulk up and alter wherever was needed. The red and white sleeve is vinyl, the shoulder pad was Pippin's hood, cut and adorned with lots of Magic Sculp. The cigar came from the end of a toothpick. The pistols were Punisher's (and yes, they do come out of the holsters). The machine gun is Tulip (from Preacher)'s uzi with a silencer from a GIJoe weapon added. The grenades came from an old TMNT Ace Duck. The billy club was once Judge Dredd's. The knife and knife holster came from a Playmates Savage Dragon.

Silk Spectre

...was once a DC Direct Phantom Lady. I re-sculpted her hair some. The outer garment is transparent yellow vinyl (the same vinyl that I've been using on all these, oddly enough). The earrings, choker, and waist and arm bands are all MagicSculp. Her ears were donated by a Marvel Legends Punisher, and then touched up with MagicSculp. The skull on her choker came from an accessory to a Primal Rage figure I had from an old abandoned custom.


...His head and cape came from the same DCD Phantom Stranger that I used for Rorschach's body. Adrians' body came from a DCD The Shade figure that I didn't want anymore. I had to, once again, shape and bulk up the arms a bit. The tunic, belt, and neck piece are vinyl. Also, the top of his head had to be filled in (where the attachment for the hat used to be) with MagicSculp.



...was a non-poseable tiger I got at the local "educational" toy store. I added the long ears (made from Magic Sculp and pieces of the "metal bar" that the original 1991 Toy Biz Hulk came with), the tufts of hair on the side of her head (MagicSculp), and the whiskers (fishing line).

Who watches the Watchmen?



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