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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Bottleimp's Customs


Bottleimp can be contacted at [email protected]

The Atom


A JL Green Lantern, who is short and stocky enough to mimic the
Atom's size, with some sculpting and a trimmed-down cape.

Blue Beetle

How could they have Booster Gold in the cartoon without his
hetero life-mate? My first JLU custom is made from Amazo-- the perfect base figure-- and a Flash head. The goggles and belt buckle are sculpted, and the holster is from a Talia figure. This was made before I saw the JLU comic book which featured BB with a slightly more stylized costume design.



The head of a Mattel Batgirl on the body of a Talia, with arms from a Mattel Poison Ivy and feet from a Batgirl. A little sculpting done
on the hair and sleeves, and finished off with a paint job.


Green Lantern


A Racer X, chosen for his height and the fact that his shirt looks like it billows out at the waist much like the golden age GL's, with
resculpted boots, sleeves, and head. The cape is from a JL Martian Manhunter, and the symbol is decoupaged on.

A Justice League Martian Manhunter with resculpted face and boots,
an open right hand from a Batman figure, helmet wings from a Toy Biz
Hawkman, and wings sculpted from scratch with superflex sculpey. MM is out
of scale with the rest of the JL line, but fits perfectly with the
old-school Batman figures.


I always liked that Hourman was this bulky kind of guy, so I wanted
to use the rounder, more heavy-looking old-school Batman body. The mask, sleeves, belt, and hourglass were sculpted with Milliput (this was before I
changed to Sculpey), and a cape came from a Detective Batman.

Johnny Quick

Superman head on a Mattel Batman body, with a little sculpting
on the mask, belt, and gloves.

Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt

JT is an old-school Riddler with the head from a Robin, legs from an old-school Joker (which had to be trimmed
about 1/4" to keep him in scale with the other toys), and sculpted bow tie. Thunderbolt is a Mattel Nightwing upper body with a Creeper head. The lower body is made from superflex sculpey over a wire armiture, which still allows
for some posability despite all the layers of paint. The lightning bolts on
the head are cut plastic.

Phantom Lady

That funky Toys R Us exclusive Batgirl with a resculpted face and hair (done to look like Bettie Page, whom the Phantom Lady was drawn to resemble in the late 40's), boots from a Talia figure, and a random cape.


A scarecrow figure with sculpted hair, patches, and ribbon tie.


The Ray

A Nightwing figure with new hands from a Racer X and feet from an old-school Robin (the original appendages were lost in a tragic baking accident), a resculpted head, and a two-tone iridescent yellow paint job.

The Spectre

Creeper body with a head and hood sculpted from scratch and a cape from a Detective Batman.

Uncle Sam and Dollman

A Wildcard Joker body with a Ra's al Ghul head (glued in place due to incompatable necks), with a sculpted hat, beard, and bola tie. Dollman is a repainted Microverse Superman.


Looks NOTHING like the original character, but I couldn't let that
cool-but-inaccurate Ra's al Ghul body go to waste. The head is from a Spiderman Dr. Strange, and the legs were lengthened by about 1/4" to add some height.

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