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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Smanomega's Customs


Smanomega can be contacted at [email protected]

Dragstor - Evil speedster of the Horde


Receipe: He is made of 2 Masters of the Universe figures, Man At Arms and Trap Jaw.a toy bike And some Bionicle lego the Legs and head are Trap Jaw the torso to neck is Man At Arms the Spikes,Knife, Bat/Horde symbol,left knee pad,Mask,neck, exhaust pipes, back pack, Hodre leader patch on left arm, and hubcaps are all handmade with Milliput ( two part epoxy putty ) that air hardens in about 3-4 hours the wires are electrical wires glued into place. the wheels on his back insert into his chest and his Exhaust pipes swivel thanks to Bionicle pieces in the base of back pack.

Shadow weaver is made from 2002 Teela with Dark magician Yu-Gi-Oh armor, and head piece from Samurai Skeletor as her belt buckle. Her head and arms are made with Milliput as well as the garter on leg and hordak symbol on knee her skirt is silky cloth with wire to wrap around her waist.



Clawful: Made of Whiplash 2003 I cut and shaped his original feet to have the two toe look. I shaved the bulk off its legs and gave him the leg braces shaved original sash and added sea shell Milliput covers nearly 90% of upper body except for mid arms and eyes claws and upper body are hand made


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