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Tom McCormack Interview Part III

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The Famous Covers line has not been without its quirks. Several variations exist on certain figures. Most of these variants were due to running production changes to the figures as they were manufactured overseas. Oversights such as Mr. Sinister's diamond being miscolored or the Black Costume Spider-Man missing his web shooters were caught early enough in the production run to make the necessary changes. However, one mistake totally slipped by: Daredevil's insignia. The double "D's" on Daredevil's chest are aligned incorrectly, much to the dismay of fans and Toy Biz alike. Is there hope for a corrected Daredevil?

"Unfortunately the order was completed before we were aware of the problem. Therefore, there will not be any corrected versions available" says McCormack.

Collectors can be a demanding and imaginative lot. In several of the most popular discussion forums for the Famous Covers figures, ideas for additions to the line have been flying. Collectors have speculated on such additions as vehicles and playsets. Unfortunately, McCormack doesn't see a future for either of these types of items within the Famous Covers line.

So that leaves the figures themselves and collectors are just as anxious to add their input on this front as well. Some have wondered about the possibility of offering accessory packs of civilian clothing so that one could create a Peter Parker or Logan out of the existing Spider-Man and Wolverine figures respectively.

"No way. Unfortunately these have not been a popular item in the past. Many male action figure collectors are not interested in buying clothing for their figures" states McCormack emphatically.

Then what about providing removable heads so that characters with permanently affixed masks can also have a civilian identity head?

"We won't consider doing that because we are working on adding more articulation into the necks of the male bodies. Due to this, we would not want to make separate "pop-on" heads for these figures" reveals McCormack.

As the popularity of the famous Covers figures continues to grow, many fans are wondering about the possibility of employing this style with licenses outside the Marvel Universe.

"If the right license becomes available, we will seriously consider using the 8" medium for that license" says McCormack. Then what about the 8" Nightman figure that was shown at Toy Fair 1998? The figure of the character from the syndicated television series has been missing in action since that time. What gives?

"Night Man will not be released as an 8" figure because of the lukewarm reception he received at Toy Fair" reveals McCormack.

Alas, that leaves fans wondering what might make the cut for receiving the Famous Covers royal treatment. Many fans dream and drool over rumors about a DC version of Famous Cover figures. Could Toy Biz play a role in that?

"No chance of us producing DC figures. [But] imitation is the best form of flattery" jokes McCormack.

So it would appear that the Famous Covers figures have a bright future ahead of them. Who knows where they might lead or what new licenses might be brought into the fold. Only time will tell. However, McCormack is very optimistic about the line's chances of a long and prosperous future.

Mc Cormack proclaims, "As long as collectors continue to demand these figures, we will continue to produce them."

Many of the questions used in this interview were supplied by the members of the Famous Covers e-mail list. Many thanks to all who contributed questions.

If you would like to join the Famous Covers e-mail list, simply send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

In the subject line and body line write: (With no quotes)


You should get confirmation right away that you have been added to the list. Enjoy!

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