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milestonelogo.jpg - 8.8 K

daredevilhead.jpg - 3.6 K
Daredevil Head

reverseds.jpg - 4.5 K
Reversed Logo

daredevile.jpg 8.7 K
Toy Fair 1998 Photo

fclogo2_tn.jpg 13.1 K

daredevillogo.jpg 27.8 K
daredevilline.jpg - 4.0 K

daredevila.jpg 17.8 K
Package Front
(Click for larger view)

daredevilb.jpg 10.6 K
Packaged Figure

daredevilc.jpg 13.3 K
Inner Flap

daredevild.jpg 15.1 K
Catalog Photo

"Son of boxer Battlin' Jack Murdock, Matt Murdock's life was forever changed when his attempt to save a man from a runaway truck led to his own exposure to radioactive waste. Blinded by the strange isotope Matt soon found that his remaining senses had been hyper-intensified by the accident. In addition to his enhanced senses, Matt now possessed a type of "radar sense" giving him abilities far beyond the ken of normal men. Triggered by the loss of his father to gangsters, Murdock took the costume and the name Daredevil. Fighting crime and injustice by day as a lawyer, Matt Murdock continues his crusade by night as the man without fear -- Daredevil!

Presented here in the classic red costume, Daredevil looks just as he did in the milestone issue DAREDEVIL #7. Shown battling the undersea prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner on the cover of the issue, Daredevil seems to have met his match. But his reasoning as well as his fighting skills helps[sic] him win in the end, leaving both Daredevil and Namor with a valuable lesson."

Daredevil was a natural choice for inclusion in the Famous Covers line. The super poseability of the figure gels well with the character's persona as an elite athlete. Daredevil made his debut at Toy Fair 1998.

However, there was one major difference between what was shown at Toy Fair and what appeared in the final production version. Daredevil's trademark insignia of the overlapping "D's" was incorrectly produced for the final version. Instead of having the "D's" slant down to the right, the were reversed to slant down to the left. Unfortunately, this error was not caught during the production run of the figure and was never corrected. Unless Toy Biz decides to re-release the figure in the future, it is unlikely that we will ever get a correct version of the logo.

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