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Famous Covers Survey Results

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Thousands of you turned out to complete our recent Famous Covers Survey. It was our most popular survey to date for the length of time we had it posted publicly. Apparently, this line has struck a resonant chord with collectors...and you know what you want to see!

We'd also like to pass along a hearty "Thank You!" from Toy Biz who was very grateful for the time and effort you all put into completing the survey. They have consistently stated that they want this to be the best thing they've ever done and they continue to appreciate the fan input.

For those who missed the survey, we'll recap the questions and results here. We started off by asking questions about the way the figures are designed, presented and manufactured. Although there was a range of responses, some trends were definitely evident.

Do you prefer Removable Masks (like Wolverine or Spider-Man) or Molded Heads (like Green Goblin)?

  • 43.2% Removable
  • 38.4% Molded
  • 18.5% No Preference

What type of gloves do you prefer?
  • 62.6% Molded
  • 21.9% Mittens
  • 15.4% Colored Hands
Would you like to see more mail-in offers like the Aunt May figure?
  • 59.2% Definitely Interested
  • 27.8% Maybe Interested
  • 13.0% Not At All Interested
Would you be interested in store exclusive figures if it meant the opportunity to get additional characters?
  • 46.8% Definitely Interested
  • 34.2% Maybe Interested
  • 19.0% Not At All Interested
Would you be interested in more two-pack boxed sets like the upcoming Spider-Man/Electro, Spider-Man/Spider-Woman, and Mr.Fantastic/Invisible Woman sets?
  • 68.0% Definitely Interested
  • 26.6% Maybe Interested
  • 5.4% Not At All Interested
Would you be interested in alternate versions of previously released figures (for example, a green outfit for the Dark Phoenix or civilian clothes for Peter Parker/Spider-Man)?
  • 44.6% Definitely Interested
  • 39.7% Maybe Interested
  • 15.7% Not At All Interested
Iron Man received the most first, second, and fifth place votes to lead all choices. Hawkeye topped the third and fourth place votes to come in second overall. Rank ordered selections:

1) Iron Man
2) Hawkeye
3) Hulk
4) Nightcrawler
5) Dr. Strange
6) TIE

  • Vision
  • The Thing
  • Red Skull
7) TIE
  • Magneto
  • Scarlett Witch
8) Rogue
9) Deadpool
10) Angel
11) TIE
  • Cyclops
  • Elektra
12) TIE
  • Beast
  • Gambit

There were tons wonderful write-in votes for both two-packs and individual characters...too many to summarize here in fact. However, Toy Biz is looking at those suggestions very carefully for possible inclusion in future assortments.

That's it! Toy Biz is hard at work designing the upcoming assortments of this line. Early indications would suggest that there are going to be a lot of happy fans out there!

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