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Series II- First Appearances

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First Released Spring 98

From the 1998 Toy Biz catalog:

Asst. No. 48205
Marvel 8" Famous Cover First Appearances
Marvel Toy Collectors will thank their lucky stars for this brand new assortment of ultra-poseable, highly articulated 8" action figures. Each comes dressed in authentic fabric clothing that duplicates the character's costume from their first appearance in Marvel Comics. Even the most discriminating collector will be ecstatci with these Marvel Masterpieces.

  • 8" highly detailed, articulated action figures
  • Figures come with real fabric clothing and accessories
  • Based on each character's first appearance in Marvel Comics
The second series took the concept even further. The delayed Dr, Doom made his appearance at last. In addition, we got two of the most requested figures for this line: Captain America and Thor. Rounding out the line was Dark Phoenix.

Interestingly, the original choices for this second series included Namor and Hellcat. These two were chosen more for their congruence with the theme of "Firsts" than their popularity or applicability to the genre. Namor is Marvel's first mutant (technically). And Hellcat was Marvel's first super heroine to star in her own comic.

However, a 1997 survey conducted here on RTM revealed that fans had some very definite opinions about who they wanted to see in this line. Changes were made and the line finally made it to eager fans in the Spring of 1998.

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