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Series III- Marvel Milestones

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Released Fall 98

From the 1998 Toy Biz catalog:

Asst. No. 48265
Marvel 8" Famous Cover Marvel Milestones
This new assortment of this highly collectible 8" action figure line focuses on important milestone events from Marvel Comics history. Each ultra-poseable, incredibly articulated figure comes dressed in authentic fabric clothing that perfectly captures the character's uniform from a landmark milestone event.

  • 8" highly detailed, articulated action figures
  • Figures come with real fabric clothing and accessories
The third series of Famous Covers figures brought several quirks, variations and the first shortpacked figure of the series. The Black Widow figure was packed at one per case in this assortment making her one of the most difficult figures to locate on the retail shelves. There was also a variation in the diamond on Mr. Sinister's head. And finally, Daredevil's insignia ended up reversed on the final production piece.

Despite these minor quirks, the line truly embraces the concept of the Famous Covers line on many levels. The Falcon figure stretched its wings with its unique costume and the sleek Black Widow seduced consumers with her charms.

The series was originally released in the Fall of 1998, available in most locations by October. Toy Biz didn't rest on their laurels though. They were busy preparing the next Famous Covers assortment.

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