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stormhead.jpg 6.4 K

storme.jpg 10.6 K

fclogo2_tn.jpg 13.1 K

stormlogo.jpg 27.4 K
stormline.jpg 4.1 K

storma.jpg 19.6 K
Package Front
(Click for larger view)

stormb.jpg 11.2 K
Packaged Figure

stormc.jpg 13.7 K
Inner Flap

stormd.jpg 16.8 K
Catalog Concept Drawing

"Orphaned at a young age, Ororo Munroe grew up to become the X-Man known as Storm. Born different than her fellow man, Storm's mutant abilities allow her to control one of the most primal forces of nature, the weather! Summoning great winds and thunder, Storm can use her abilities to fly through the air and even attack her enemies with powerful bolts of lightning!

Presented here as she looked in the classic UNCANNY X-MEN #126 from April of 1980, Storm wears the same costume she did during her very first appearance.

Responding to the appearance of an out-of-control mutant, Proteus, Storm and her fellow X-Men arrive on the scene. Using her incredible mutant powers of weather control, Storm works together with Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Cyclops to restrain the mutant in hopes of helping him learn to control his own mutant abilities."

Aside from a few typos on the packaging, the Storm figure is a magnificent representation of Ororo Munroe. From the flowing cape to the leather-like hip boots, Storm is just an incredible figure.

The cape attaches to each wrist bracelet, allowing for some dramatic posing. The tiara is removable and will probably be a piece that is often lost in future loose figures. The face sculpt is appropriately austere.

Many fans would like to see the rest of the X-Men shown on this famous cover done for this line. Thus far, Wolverine and Storm have made the cut. Only time will tell if the other X-men shown here will make it.

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