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falconhead.jpg - 3.7 K
Falcon Head

falcone.jpg - 8.1 K
Toy Fair 1998 Photo

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falconlogo.jpg 24.1 K
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falcona.jpg - 14.2 K
Package Front
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falconb.jpg - 10.2 K
Packaged Figure

falconc.jpg - 14.0 K
Inner Flap

falcond.jpg - 15.2 K
Catalog Photo

"Turning to a life of crime after losing his innocent father to a senseless act of violence, Sam Wilson allowed his life to fall apart until the day he met Captain America. Joining Cap and taking the name Falcon, Wilson had many adventures with the star-spangled hero before finally flying solo. Using his high-tech wing gear to soar through the skies, the Falcon makes his home in Harlem and continues to fight for the safety and justice of his fellow man.

Presented here as he appeared in the premier issue of his self-titled limited series, the Falcon is ready for action. Breaking away from his image as Captain America's sidekick, the Falcon proves once and for all that he can go it alone in the super hero biz. And the Falcon does just that through four issues of action and adventure set in the very streets where the hero grew up!"

The Falcon was an interesting choice for inclusion in the Famous Covers line. The addition of the wings and the unique boots would certainly be a challenge for the design team. Fortunately, they came through with flying colors. The Falcon had been a figure in Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes line as well as in the brief Secret Wars line by Mattel. The Famous Covers version updates the hero in grand style.

Unfortunately, the figure did not come with his own sidekick, the ever present Redwing. Thsi would have been a great opportunity for a great and appropriate accessory. Unfortunately, the cost involved in producing the figure prohibited the inclusion of any extra accessories.

In any case, the Falcon and Captain America can now be reunited on you toy shelf forever!

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