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Catalog Photo

"The year is 1941 and the world is at war. Deemed physically unfit to serve his country, Steve Rogers was transformed by the Super Soldier Serum into the star-spangled hero, Captain America. Fighting for freedom during World War II, Captain America plunged into icy ocean waters during one of his missions, and was thought to have been lost forever. Decades later, Cap was discovered frozen in a block of ice and, due to the serum in his veins, was revived young as he was during the War. Seeking to continue his mission against the evils that plague the world, Captain America joined a team of heroes with the same vision, and became one of the mighty avengers!"

Although his appearance in AVENGERS #4 was not truly his first appearances, this landmark issue serves as Captain America's debut into the new Marvel Universe during the renaissance of the sixties.

The figure stayed very true to the design and prototypes shown. Only slight modifications were made. The most notable of these is that the boots went from a cloth appearance to a more vinyl material.

Product manager Tom McCormack was quoted as stating that Captain America was going to be designed with a removable mask. However, the logistics of this became unfeasible due to the nature of the cowl. Thus, a fully molded head was used.

Captain America uses the Type II Male body and comes with his shield, boots, and two gloves (though some Toy Fair photos show him with only one glove).

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