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Welcome to the Famous Cover Archives, celebrating the popular line of figures from Toy Biz. Our goal is to document this line as thoroughly as possible, giving you a reference and history of the entire line. We also want to bring you the latest news and information about the line and any upcoming developments.

If you have comments or suggestions for this Archive, please e-mail us. This is your Archive and we want it to be everything that you desire.

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In the Beginning

The Famous Cover line was introduced in 1997. Prototypes of most of the figures were shown at Toy Fair 1997. However, the fans first glimpse at the line came from design drawings that were shown in the 1997 Toy Biz catalog. The concept was obviously influenced by the Mego figures of the seventies. More recently, customizers such as Charlee Flatt have carried on the Mego tradition. These forces converged to become the Famous Cover series; one of Toy Biz's most popular line with collectors.

The eight inch figures (actually closer to a nine inch scale) feature real cloth costumes and accurately depicted accessories. The first series featured both removable masks and molded heads. The play and display value of the figures is tremendous due to the exquisite articulation.

When first released, the figure flew off stores shelves. Fans embraced the line immediately. The success of the line led to expansions including future series and even a few store exclusives and multi-packs. Collectors continually buzz about which figures they would like to see in the Famous Covers series. And if the figures continue their run of popularity, we can expect many of those wishes to come true.

So immerse yourself in the world of Famous Covers! Enjoy!

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