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thorhead.jpg 5.1 K

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thorlogo.jpg 15.4 K
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thora.jpg 20.2 K
Package Front
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thorb.jpg 12.0 K
Packaged Figure

thorc.jpg 14.5 K
Inner Flap

thord.jpg 17.4 K
Catalog Photo

"Fleeing attacks from the sinister alien Stone Men from Saturn, lame physician Donald Blake escaped into a nearby cave, never suspecting his life would change on this fateful day. Becoming trapped in the cave, Blake used an ordinary-looking stick in order to aid his escape, inadvertently releasing ancient Norse Magic. Blake was stunned to find himself transformed into the Mighty Thor! Defeating the Stone Men, Thor returned to Blake's world and the modern age to use his great power to protect the people of Earth."

Thor changed slightly from the prototype photos, but still comes across as one of the standouts of the second series of this line. The hair color is a bit more yellow and the tights are a darker blue, but the most significant change is a switch from cloth-type boots to the rubber molded boots. It's a change that really helps the figure shine.

The hammer, Thor's significant accessory, is also extremely detailed. The figure is significant because the right hand is unique in that it is molded to be able to hold the hammer. To date, this is the only figure to have this style of hand.

The figure comes with a helmet, hammer, boots, wrist gauntlets, and a belt. The cover represented here is Thor's first appearance in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #83.

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