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Coming Fall 1998

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Spider-Man vs. Electro The wall crawler and the master of electricity get the 8" figure treatment This twin pack is based on the Amazing Spider-Man issue #9 in which Spidey first battled Electro. Limited to 12,000 pieces. Available in October exclusively at Target.

fctwopack1.jpg 33.7 K

spidey2pack.jpg 16.3 K
kblogo.jpg - 5.8 K

Black Costume Spider-Man and Spider-Woman. Spider-Man fans don't miss your only chance to get this exclusive Spider-Man figure in his black symbiotic costume from the comics and his animated show. True Spidey fans will know that this alien costume eventually bonded with Eddie Brock and became Venom. This twin pack is based on Spectacular Spider-Man # 126 in which Spidey teams up with Spider-Woman to battle the Wrecker. No fan of the Famous Covers figures will want to miss the opportunity to buy these exclusive figures. Limited to only 12,000 pieces. Available in August exclusively at K.B. Toys.

fctwopack2.jpg 34.8 K

fcff1.jpg 15.7 K
targetlogo.gif - 4.8 K

Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. Marvel's most famous "cosmic powered" married couple are transformed into ultra-posable 8" figures. This twin pack is based Fantastic Four # 4, the first issue that the foursome started to wear their classic blue and black team uniforms. Limited to 12,000 pieces. Available in August exclusively at Target. This was one of the most popular selections on last year's "Marvel's Most Wanted" survey conducted right here on RTM.

fctwopack3.jpg 31.6 K

For a close-up look at all the two-packs, Click Here

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