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Tom McCormack Interview Part II

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So what happens if the Beast assortment (as it is tentatively entitled) doesn't measure up to the high standards of the Famous Covers series?

"We are working on a line that might include Cyclops, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Dr. Strange and Punisher. However, this is not written in stone. Please do not hold me to it" says McCormack of a possible back up plan.

As the line continues to expand, many fans are wondering about other types of characters for inclusion in future series. One often talked about genre are "sidekick" figures such as Bucky for Captain America. Will there be corresponding bodies suitable for tthese types of "teen" or smaller characters?

"There is little possibility for this because we now have multiple body types to use. We have 3 male and 1 female [body types]" says McCormack on the possibility of new body styles.

The existing body types can be used for a wide variety of characters from the Marvel Universe. There is such a wealth of characters that it could take years to satisfy all the whims and desires of avid Famous Covers collectors. This rabid fan base has helped to promote another outlet for the Famous Covers figures: retailer exclusives. These types of offerings allow Toy Biz to produce characters that might not make the cut for a regular Famous Covers series, but are still in demand by collectors.

So, does Toy Biz have any insight into what future exclusives might be offered by various retailers?

"No. We develop these ideas with the retailers themselves. They normally have characters in mind that they want to use. Therefore, we can provide no insight into which characters we will do. However, you will definitely see more exclusives in the future. Hint - there are more than 2 members in the Fantastic Four" teased McCormack.

Many fans are curious to know if the two-pack exclusive figures will be released in single packs as Hasbro has recently done for some of its popular 12-inch Star Wars exclusives. McCormack doesn't see this as a big possibility.

"It's not likely. These figures were designed exclusively for these retailers. There are many other Marvel characters we can use for individual figures" says McCormack.

Another possibility for getting lesser known characters is through the mail-in premium offered on the Famous Covers packaging. A rumor has circulated about the next mail-in being Spider-Man's nemesis, J. Jonah Jameson figure.

However, McCormack cautiously clears the air by stating, "Right now we have no plans for additional mail-ins, but anything can happen."

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