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The 2004 American International Toy Fair is from February 15th to 18th, 2004, and the Raving Toy Maniac will once again be covering the event, bringing you news and pictures of upcoming toys and action figures.

Some toy companies have very good coverage of their own products, so be sure to check their sites during Toy Fair, too! Sideshow Toy will be posting news during the show, as will Diamond Select. McFarlane Toys will not be exhibiting at Toy Fair, and have changed the way that they present information about new products.

Please note: many images presented from Toy Fair are prototypes and are not the final product, therefore the final product may vary from the images shown. All release dates are tentative and are subject to change.

Art Asylum & Play Along - Page 1 - Marvel MiniMates
Art Asylum & Play Along - Page 2 - Lord of the Rings MiniMates
Art Asylum & Play Along - Page 3 - Lord of the Rings Armies of Middle Earth
Art Asylum & Play Along - Page 4 - C3 (DC construction sets)
Art Asylum & Play Along - Page 5 - Cabbage Patch Kids
Art Asylum & Play Along - Page 6 - misc notes on Star Trek, Care Bears, The Dog, Teletubbies

BMA Toys - Page 1 - Maximo vs. Army of Zin
BMA Toys - Page 2 - Ape Escape 2 & HexaBits
BMA Toys - Page 3 - general showroom pic, Water Margin, Monkey King, Tusk

DC Direct - Page 1 - JLA
DC Direct - Page 2 - Batman Hush, the Dark Knight Returns, Batwoman & Batgirl two-pack
DC Direct - Page 3 - Teen Titans (maquettes and action figures)
DC Direct - Page 4 - Classic Animation Maquettes and misc statues
DC Direct - Page 5 - Pocket Super Heroes
DC Direct - Page 6 - First Appearances
DC Direct - release date schedule

Mezco - Page 1 - Blues Brothers, Gangsters Inc, Napster, Jack the Ripper, Dark Carnival
Mezco - Page 2 - Toxic Toons
Mezco - Page 3 - Living Dead Dolls
Mezco - Page 4 - Hellboy
Mezco - Page 5 - Popeye
Mezco - Page 6 - Family Guy
Mezco - Page 7 - TikiMon
Mezco - Page 8 - Mez-Itz (Aliens, Robocop, Hellboy, Monsters)
Mezco - Page 9 - Mez-Itz Monsters Castle Playset
Mezco - special report by Mike Drake

Plan B Toys - The Dark Crystal, Call of Duty, Special Forces, Emergency Forces

ToyBiz - Page 1 - 27 images from the showrooms of ToyBiz's Marvel Legends Page 1
ToyBiz - Page 2 - 18 more images of the Marvel Legends line
ToyBiz - Page 3 - 28 more images of the Marvel Legends line with their 2 Boxed Sets
ToyBiz - Page 4 - 30 images of the Spider-Man 6" Line

Toynami - Page 1 - general showroom pics, CineMaquettes, Voltron, Speed Racer, Chobits, InuYasha
Toynami - Page 2 - I-Men (Voltron, Robotech, Futurama)
Toynami - Page 3 - Macross and Robotech

Day One Sampler Page - 24 images from the showrooms of Toynami, BMA, Mezco, and Art Asylum/Play Along
Day Two Sampler Page - 25 images from the showrooms of Diamond Select, DC Direct, Gentle Giant, Dark Horse, Radioactive Clown, Plan B Toys, and Vital

For more information, please check out the official Toy Fair site to learn more about the event, look back at pictures from past toy events, or read the press releases listed below.

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