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Play Along Toys & Art Asylum:
Lord of the Rings MiniMates

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Art Asylum's MiniMates display area had a wall devoted to the Lord of the Rings MiniMates. Despite their tiny size, these are very detailed, from the pointy elf-ears on Legolas to the One Ring that comes with Frodo.

The Lord of the Rings MiniMates will utilize all of the MiniMates sizes so that they are roughly to scale with each other. For example, the Hobbit characters will use the 2-inch size. (MiniMates come in 2-inch, 2.5-inch, and 3-inch sizes.)

There were several packaging mock-ups on display, but those were just to give everyone an idea of how these MiniMates could be packaged: the character pairings seen in the mock-ups are NOT the finalized pairings. In other words, the characters you see matched up in the packaging at Toy Fair is not necessarily how they will be matched up in production and on store shelves.

The 2004 Lord of the Rings MiniMates releases are planned as follows:

Wave One (should be in stores in June 2004):

Wave Two (should be in stores in early August 2004):

The three-pack seen in one of the images below is one of two multi-packs planned for a "pre-market exclusive" for Toys'R'Us. Each of these sets will have three MiniMates that you can see and a fourth figure hidden. The mystery figure will not be random, so if you buy two of the same set, you will get two of the same mystery figure.

The Sauron MiniMate will be an exclusive to Tower Records, tied in to the DVD release of The Return of the King. (It will be free with a pre-order of the DVD or if you purchase the DVD on the release date.)


Twilight Frodo





(notice the Ring!)


sample packaging:
TRU multi-pack

sample packaging:

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