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Voltron, InuYasha, Speed Racer

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Toynami had a very attractive showroom for 2004, the first four images below are wide shots of some of the display areas.

Although the license for Chobits action figures was announced shortly before Toy Fair began, there were no figures on display during the show.

Another new item announced shortly before Toy Fair was on display, but no photography was allowed - the Cinemaquettes. These are highly detailed 1:3 scale collectible figures. (One-third scale translates into 24-inch figures.) Several interesting licenses were mentioned during our showroom tour, although the only one that has been officially announced so far is for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Cinemaquettes.

At least three Cinemaquettes from this film are planned: the TX (Terminatrix) Endoskeleton, the T-800 Endoskeleton, and the T-850, featuring a likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Each Cinemaquette will have a very limited edition of no more than 1,000 pieces, with a retail price tag in the $800 range. The TX Cinemaquette will include diecast parts, and will weight ten to twelve pounds. The T-850 will have a cloth outfit and real hair.


Packaging wall


Speed Racer, InuYasha

The Speed Racer display featured many of the previously-announced toys, including the Mach 5:

The Voltron section displayed the individual figures in the Voltron Lion Masterpiece set, as well as the combined piece. All will be sold in one package, and the packaging will be similar to the "book" packaging in the Robotech Masterpiece Collection. The packaging is still being finalized, and it might end up one of two ways: one very large book with three spines on it, or three separate smaller books encased in a large slipcover like a collected box set of books.

The InuYasha action figures are planned for a Summer 2004 release, with a suggested retail price of $12.99 each. Assortment One will be InuYasha and Kagome, while Assortment Two will be Sesshomaro and Kikyo.



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