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PAGE 2: Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends VIII: Ultimate Captain America, Iron Man in his Modern Armor, Iceman, Storm, Man Thing Doctor Octopus, Black Widow
Variants: The blonde Black Widow (Yelena Belova)

Note that the Ultimate Captain America will be in the 6" Marvel Legends scale, not the 7" Diamond Select scale. The Ultimate Captain America and Modern Iron Man shown at the fair were "2-ups", double the size that they will be in their final form. The classic Doctor Octopus, with the John Romita Sr. look, will have articulated tentacles-not bendy ones. If you put Iceman in the freezer, he gets cold.

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Black Widow...

aka Natasha Romanov

A Spidey villian
in the mix!

Note: articulated


Note: icy Sentinel base

Modern Iron Man
and Ultimate Cap 2-ups

Tony Stark's face revealed

Another view
of Iron Man

Trashed Ultron on
Iron Man's base!

Captain America...

from the Ultimates comics

Man Thing

He who knows fear...

burns at the touch!

Storm - this figure is not finished yet. There will be a cape

Storm here is in a classic 80's outfit

Side view of Storm


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