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Play Along Toys & Art Asylum:
Armies of Middle Earth

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Play Along's miniature figures for their Lord of the Rings Armies of Middle Earth were once again displayed in dramatic progression: each time you oohed and aahed over one item on display, the next was even better.

The new Soldiers & Scenes 3-packs for 2004 are planned as:

The new Warriors & Battle Beasts for 2004 are planned as:

The new Epic Battle Scenes (environment sets) will include:

The Minas Tirith seen in the last image was for showroom display - it is not planned for release as an environment playset at this time.

The release dates mentioned here are approximate and are subject to change.

group display
of small sets

Cirith Ungol Pass

Pelennor Field

Pelennor Field

Osgiliath Ruins

Osgiliath Ruins

Battle Troll

Isengard with Treebeard

Minas Tirith
(display only)

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