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Mezco Toyz:
Blues Brothers, Gangsters Inc, Napster, Jack the Ripper, Dark Carnival

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In 2004, Mezco Toyz again has some nifty rotocast pieces, including another series of Dark Carnival action figures. Unfortunately, Series Two did not arrive at the showroom in time for us to get pictures.

Happily, the Blues Brothers figures were on display: Jake and Elwood Blues will be 11-inch rotocast figures and will come with "signature accessories," including a harmonica for Elwood.

Blues Brothers

Elwood Blues

"Joliet" Jake Blues

The Gangsters, Inc. rotocast action figure were also on display, you may remember that these were introduced at the 2003 Toy Fair:

Gangsters, Inc.

Sparky Foreman

Slugger Moncinni

Iron O'Brian

A new license in 2004 is Napster: expect to see several color variants of the mascot in a rotocast figure, as well as a Mez-Itz version.

In 2003, Mezco turned Jack the Ripper into a Living Dead Doll, and in 2004, he becomes a rotocast action figure (with cloth overcoat) as well as a stationery set. The set ("The Letters of Jack the Ripper") has a carrying case which can be used as a Victorian writing desk when closed. It includes paper, envelopes, a journal, a quill pen, an ink well, a letter opener, sealing wax, and a seal.

Jack the Ripper

Stationery Set (open)

Stationery Set (closed)

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