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PAGE 3: Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends Boxed Set Gift Pack - The Fantastic Four: Available July.
Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing, Doctor Doom, Franklin Richards, and HERBIE.

Marvel Legends Boxed Set Gift Pack- Spider-Man and the Sinister Six: Available July.
Spider-Man, Black Cat, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Kraven, and Electro

There was much buzz and excitement about these two new boxed sets. The boxed sets have been great opportunities to release characters that would have difficulty selling on their own for ToyBiz's markets. Thankfully, collectors can complete the Fantastic Four team with the Invisible Woman action figure. Also in this line is Mr. Fantastic with a lab coat, Mr. Fantastic wrapped up into a ball, and a new head sculpt. The Thing has a new head sculpt as well. Doctor Doom has a scarred face when his mask is removed. Johnny Storm is shown in mid-tranformation. Finally, Franklin Richards, and the Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-Type, Integrated Electronics (HERBIE), made famous in the 1980's cartoon, are included as well.

The Spider-Man set includes some of his top villains, and one famous ally. While not they are not the official Sinister Six members seen in the comics, this six-pack (with Spidey) is a very welcome addition. Spider-Man is an exceptional sculpt reminscent of a John Romita Jr. rendering. He comes with his trademark underarm webbing that has only been seen in the Famous Covers line and the Diamond Exclusive Classic 5" Spider-Man. Venom is a new rendition, with a great new head sculpt. Electro is new to the 6" line, and is sculpted in his classic costume. Doctor Octopus is a rerelease from the 6" Spider-Man "Classics" line, with a new lab coat and new head sculpt. The Black Cat is also new to the 6" format, depicted in her modern costume. Kraven the Hunter is a repaint of the previous Kraven figure, with a new head sculpt and lots more stubble and chest hair! Finally, the Green Goblin utilizes some sculpt from the 6" Hobgoblin, but with a terrific classic goblin-glider and a head sculpt based on the artwork of Alex Ross seen the the Marvels mini-series. The eye pieces were not finalized for Toy Fair (and will NOT be yellow!). They will be clear tinted plastic, such that Norman Osborn's eyes will be visible behind the lenses!

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Doom, Torch, & Reed

the packaging


Dr. Doom

HERBIE and Franklin

Side view of HERBIE

Invisible Woman


Mr. Fantasic, labcoat, and Reed as a ball.

The Thing

New head sculpt!

The Torch is mid-transformaton!

The set!

The packaging!

The Black Cat!

Black Cat Close-up view

Doctor Octopus



the perfect
Goblin glider.

Alex Ross style sculpt

Different angle.

the Green Goblin







(Thanks to for providing the HERBIE acronymn.)

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