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ToyBiz 2004

PAGE 4: Spider-Man Classics

Spider-Man Classics Wave 9: Available May.
Black costume Spider-Man with missile launching glider
Secret identity Spider-Man with Peter Parker disguise
Cyber Spider-Man with transforming armor to rocket launcher
Ultimate Rhino with smash n' crush action and break away wall

Spider-Man Classics Wave 10: Available July.
Snap shot Spider-Man with display base and camera
Super jab Spider-Man with rapid punch action
Web line Spider-Man with web climbing action
Tail attack lizard with breakaway lab table

Spider-Man Classics Wave 11: Available October.
Super kick Spider-Man with dual kicking action
Shoot n' trap Spider-Man with villain ambush wall
Sneak attack Spider-Man with dual action base
Tail strike Scorpion with stinger launching action

In addition to the Marvel Legends Sinister Six Boxed Set, ToyBiz also offers 3 waves of the Spider-Man line (often unofficially referred to by fans as the Spider-Man Classics line, since the "Classics" name was used in the first 2 waves of 6" scale Spidey figures).

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Wave 9

the new black costume Spidey in packaging

Black costumed Spidey and Rhino

Another view of the packaged black costumed Spidey

Cyber Spider-Man

Cyber Spidey packaged

Cyber Spidey and Ultimate Rhino

The Ultimate Rhino from Ultimate Spider-Man #28

Rhino's Smash n' Crush action and break away wall

It doesn't say "Ultimate", but it sure looks like Ultimate Peter Parker

Swap out the arms, legs and head...

give him a pair of pants and a sweatshirt...

and you have a Peter Parker figure...

similar to the Spider-Man movie's wrestler-Spidey figure!

Wave 10

Jab and Web Line Spideys

The newly imagined Lizard

Doc Connor will appear in the Spider-Man 2 movie.

Will his alter-ego be far behind?

Snap-shot Spider-Man

Taking pictures of his webbed opponents

Super jab Spidey

Webline Spidey - clear influences of modern artist John Romita JR.

Wave 11

Scorpion about to be Super-Kicked

Classic Scorpion with Shoot n' trap Spider-Man in the back

Scorpion from the side

Scorpion close-up

Super-kick Spidey

Sneak-Attack Spider-Man in black and red


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