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Mezco Toyz: Mez-Itz

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How do you follow up to the Alien Mez-Itz? With Aliens Mez-Itz, of course. The Aliens set will be a 3-pack:

The Alien Queen and Warrior Alien each have a button on the back of their heads: press the button and their inner jaws extend out of their mouths.


Alien Queen

egg sack base


Ripley's base

Alien Warrior

"human host" base

The Robocop Mez-Itz will come packaged as a 3-pack with Robocop, Officer Lewis, and ED-209.

ED-209 concept art


Officer Lewis

The Hellboy Mez-Itz will be available in two-packs in March 2004:

The Hellboy Mez-Itz images below are of actual product pieces and not prototypes.

Do you remember the Mini-Me Mez-Itz from the Austin Powers series? That size is going to be translated into Mini Monsters Mez-Itz in 2005. The mock-up packaging shows all four Mini Mez-Itz (Frankenstein, Werewolf, Dracula, and Mummy) in a single package, but that is subject to change.

The Series One Monster Mez-Itz (Frankenstein & Werewolf, Dracula & Mummy) will be released again in 2004, in time for Halloween, so if you missed them the first time they came out, patience will pay off for you in 2004.

Series Two will have four more Monsters:

Two additional regular-sized Monsters were shown, and you just may see one of them included with the Castle Playset in 2005.

Grim Grimly

Dr. Mezitstein

Claude Clearwaters

Boris Creepola

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