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ToyBiz 2004

ToyBiz packed the showroom with a tremendous amount of products for 2004. Toy for June's Spider-Man 2 movie had a dedicated room with action figures, movie playsets, web shooters, vehicles, and Doctor Octopus' infamous claws to battle against your little brother's Hulk Hands.

Spider-Man Classics line continued with Waves 9, 10, and 11 shown. Check out the fantastic classic Scorpion! Hulk Classic's first and second wave were on display with a surprise Bruce Banner action figure.

For those into the Big-Head look, Marvel Manga Twist 'Ems and Marvel Movie Twist 'Ems were shown with some dead-on likenesses of the actors who brought Marvel's icons to life on the silver screen.

More Lord of the Rings toys are on their way in 2004 including more boxed sets and the jaw-dropping Fell Beast!

The showstoppers of the showroom were the Marvel Legends. Waves 6, 7, and 8 plus two boxed sets were unveiled featuring some long sought-after characters (a huge Juggernaut, Hawkeye, and a classic Green Goblin - with an Alex Ross inspired head!), some surprises (a Man-Thing to keep your Howard the Duck from thinking fearful thoughts), and some Marvelous women (Phoenix, Storm, Invisible Woman, and the Black Cat).

Many collectors were wondering about the scarcity of the "chase" figures. While the case assortment ratios have not been determined at the time of the show, characters like Phoenix, Black Widow, and Vision will not be as scarce as say, the Red Skull has been. But, variants of the figures (Dark Phoenix, Yelena Belova blonde-haired Black Widow, and a white or clear Vision) will be the more rare chase figure. Another variant will be the "Rob Leifeld" Cable in grey pants and brown boot. The extra heads seen will be packaged along with the figures. These include Johnny Blaze's head with Ghost Rider, Logan's head with Weapon X, and Deadpool's unmasked head. Both versions of Iron Man will be able to reveal Tony Stark's face underneath.

Remember too that nothing is set in stone just because it's seen at Toy Fair. Many have been wondering about another wave of X-Men Classics. Is the line "dead". The line was not shown at Toy Fair. Could it someday come back? Anything is possible. At this time, the first series is in stores, and ToyBiz will see how sales do. But, in the meantime, there are plenty of X-characters in the Marvel Legends line that will be marketed. With nothing "set in stone", keep in mind things may change from the images seen here. For example, the hip articulation on the Phoenix and Invisible Woman figures will be improved using an all new tooling that will combine the best of both sculpt and poseability.

PAGE 1: Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends VI: Cable, Phoenix, Thomas Jane Punisher, Juggernaut, Wolverine (brown-tan costume), Deadpool w/Doop
Variants: Dark Phoenix, Cable w/grey pants alternate costume, Deadpool's exposed head

Marvel Legends VII: Apocalypse, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye,Silver Centurion Iron Man, the Vision, Weapon X Wolverine
Variants: Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider, Clear Vision

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Marvel Legends

The Red Skull
hiding from collectors


Liefeld Cable variant with transforming hover bike / gun

Dark Phoenix variant

Phoenix with Phoenix force "bird" and
variant Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey and
Brown/Tan Logan

Deadpool and
X-Statix's Doop both with stands that will be clear

Deadpool with bonus maskless head

Juggernaut will come with a demolished Xavier Institute base


without the

Cain and Wade

Thomas Jane

Don't call
him Jane

Brown 'n Tan will come with Ogun and Japanses base

Ghost Rider will come with a bonus Johnny Blaze head (not shown)


Ant-Man on
the arrow! (see cover to Avengers #233!)


Silver Centurion Iron Man
Seen during the
West Coast Avengers days

Iron Man and Apocalypse

The Vision

Closer look at the Vision

Weapon X Wolverine

Bonus head
for Weapon X

Side view of
Weapon X


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