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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Tyke's Customs


Tyke can be contacted at [email protected]  


"Shazam! Damage Superman"
Used Sculpey to mess up the hair and a dremmel to mess up the "S."

"Orion Unmasked"
Used a Mattel Lex Luthor head. Sculpey was used to smooth out the jaw and
forehead, and then to add eyebrows and hair.

"Middle Ages Jason Blood"

Used a Mattel Lex Luthor head. Sculpey was used to smooth out the jaw
and forehead, and then to add eyebrows and hair. The arms come from some old BTAS Batman figure, and the body is Shining Knight's.

"Backview of Jason Blood"

"Undercover Plastique and Colonel Flagg"
Plastique is a Hawkgirl body with a J.Lord WW head. Colonel Flagg is a redone Waverider head and MirrorMaster body.

"Plastique and Flagg profile"

The Plastique and Flagg were made so they could double as Watchtower employees that disrespect poor Booster every chance they get.

"Can't get anything past YOU!"

"Everywhere Man"
Yup, from THE BATMAN, and a really cool character I wanted to bring into the
Timmverse. Amazo was used for Everywhere Man.

For a really good friend of mine, I made a custom backing and three custom figures from one of my favorite ongoing comic series. The base came from the "Rebel Pilots" pack from years ago.

Luke Skywalker Ghost
I used a mail-order Ghost Obi-Wan body, a ROTS Obi-Wan right arm, and a Bespin Luke head (no ROTJ Lukes lying around!). Primed white, watered down acrylics to paint the colors, and frosted figure with blue and white spray paint.

Legacy Stormtrooper
Only the eyes and mouth piece had to be modified.

Cade Skywalker
I used ANH Ceremony Luke torso, an older ANH Luke head, Dagobah Luke arms and legs. Painted 5:00 shadow and redid the hair and eye. This Cade custom is based on his appearance in LEGACY #3, after he spoke to Luke.

"Buster and Hydra"

Hydra and Buster are 1/2 the size of their Japanese/American counterparts, and 1/4 of the quality. However, when saw the two miscolored, poor-quality Darkwing Brothers on Ebay for only $15, I opted to purchase and paint, rather than look for the authentic toys. I primered the brothers and then painted details (stickers compliments of reprolabels.com).

"Buster and Hydra in Jet Mode"

Lightfoot is a Chinese KO, multi-colored model I had to assemble. One of my favorites in the Masterforce 'toon.

"Lightfoot in Car Mode"
The Powermaster even transforms (small!)

"The Preserver"
Casimir's Preserver inspired me to do the same thing...except I opted to go a step further and paint him red. I challenge all customizers to go beyond Cas and myself and use the dremmel and sculpey on the base...then it'd be perfect. THe base is a 6" Ben Ten action figure (he's orange).

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