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Raving Toy Maniac Presents

Tyke's Customs


Tyke can be contacted at [email protected]  


"Fortress Maximus"
I bought a teeny weeny KO Chinese model of this character. Assembled and
painted him. Very, very small, but he transforms! Custom Sword made with some junk I had in a drawer. From the series, "Transformers: Headmasters".

Fortress Maximus transformed.

"Brave Maximus"
Same model kit at his brother, Fortress, but cooler color scheme. Paint to paint! I believe this character is from "Transformers: Masterforce".

I bought a junker Metroplex, and made the Japanese-exclusive character, Metrotitan. Missing many parts, but cool for display! This character is from "Tranformers: Zone."

My entire garage is one huge toy store. It's the only place I'm "allowed" to display toys (wife loves me, hates toys). So I customized the entire shelf/wall area, where the Transformers are displayed, into their homeworld of Cybertron. Here is half of my G1 collection, leading into the movie characters.
Here are movie characters leading into Transformers: Headmasters.

Earth is the major fighting ground in Transformers: Masterforce. This also leads into Transformers: Victory characters.

Finally, Transformers: Zone and then Transformers: Return of Convoy.

"Lex Luthor Homer"
I made this for my then-girlfriend, now wife, years ago. He has Kryptonite Doughnuts! Just found this in a box today.

"Carded Lex"
I has made a Super Powers card for Homer, too!

"Green Uniform Lex"
Simple repaint of the body, but the head is the old Kenner head. I like that sculpt more. Had to make a neck for him, though.

"Gorilla Grodd"
Started this puppy immediately after Casimir finished his a year or more ago! I was displeased with the belly, took it apart, and sat it on the shelf until today. Finally finished.

"Luthor/Braniac Combo"
Mattel's first Luthor head on a Kenner Lex chest/torso, with Martian Manhunter arms and Green Arrow legs. Sculpted collar, and used ballpoint pen for details. Those Justice Lords are old customs of mine, too!

"Get back to crowd control!"
Superman figure, Bats and Supes' heads split and glued together, sculpey for Bats' chest and boot. Spliced
and glued the cape together. So many people have made this one, I gave into conformity and wanted to be like
everyone else.

"Destroyer Darkseid"
The "before" picture. You can see I used a JL Darkseid head, and a Super Powers Darkseid body. Sculpey did the rest.

"Destroyer Darkseid Done"
The red circles are tips of missles from the parts drawer.

"I have returned home."
The Granny Goodness, Kalibak, and Parademon are OLD, OLD customs from when I first started. Yep, I never throw things away.

"You took Braniac away from me!"

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