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First Series: Red & Blue Costume; Second Series: Black Costume
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Spiderman's appearance in the Secret Wars comics and toy line is notable for several reasons. Most notable is the fact that this is the only figure to have two full variations. The first Spiderman is portrayed in his classic red and blue costume familiar to most comic fans. The second version of this figure is the legendary black suit he acquired in issue #8 of the Secret Wars limited series. As noted elsewhere (see the summary for Issue #8), the appearance of the black costume was to have many ramifications for future continuity in the Marvel Universe.

Both versions of this figure are made from the same mold. Only the paint details differ. The red and blue version is a nice recreation of the classic costume. However, the web design found on the red sections is painted separately and is prone to wear easily. Additionally, these web details are not completely painted over the whole figure. The webs are missing from places like the backs of the boots, the insides of the forearms and on the figure's shoulders. Despite this minor complaint, this is a very nice version of the classic Spiderman.

The black costume version was a surprise for many fans. Re-released to capitalize on the character's popularity, the black version has become one of the most sought after figures in the entire line. Unfortunately, the white paint details are easily worn off, making this another figure that is difficult to find loose in mint condition.

Both versions of the webhead would find their way into the Toy Biz lines of figures after nearly a decade of dormancy. Spiderman would eventually hit the big time with his own line of figures that accompanied the debut of the webslinger's latest animated series.

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