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The Ultimate Guide to

Secret Wars

Vehicles and Accessories

Many action figure lines are accompanied by vehicles, playsets and other accessories for use with the figures themselves. The Secret Wars line was no exception. However, the is one aspect that set these accessories apart: Some of them actually came with figures included! Not all of them, mind you. But in these days of increasing marketing pressure, the absence of the "Figures Not Included" caveat on the package is truly unique.

While most of these items didn't actually figure prominently (if at all) in the limited series comics, many of the promotional materials that accompanied the Secret Wars marketing blitz did push these accessories (e.g., check out the Doom Roller on the cover of the Secret Wars Coloring/Activity book).

While some of these items are pretty darn cool, others are just plain goofy. But if you revel in goofy, then these items will please you to no end. Here's a list of all the items available to accessorize your Secret Wars figures:


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