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Baton accessory

Passed over for inclusion in Mego's World's Greatest Superheroes line of the 1970's, Daredevil again failed to make the cut in Marvel's Secret Wars limited series comic. However, Matt Murdock did indeed make an appearance in the Secret Wars toy line. A sleek red-costumed version of the man without fear made its debut in the second series of these figures.

The figure itself is the standard sculpt found in the line, but it makes an appealing version all the same given the simplicity of Daredevil's costume. As noted with many of the other figures, the added paint details wear off easily. For the Daredevil figure, these include the flesh painted face, the chest logo, the belt and boot details. Interestingly enough, this figure has the only appropriately unpainted eyes in the whole line (he is blind afterall).

There are a few other things worth noting about this figure. It has been reported by many collectors that the arms of this figure seem to turn a darker red over the years. This has been reported for both loose and carded figures. Some have noted a distinct "bleeding" of the color on the arms that can actually rub off on the figers or a cloth. Additionally, it has been reported that the flesh colored paint on the face can turn fuzzy, bubble or allow the red plastic to bleed through giving the face a distinct pink color. These types of problems have not been widely reported with other figures in the line so it remains an interesting curiosity as to why it would occur in only this one figure.

Another obstacle to finding this figure loose and complete is the baton accessory. It is a simple gray baton that doesn't have many distinguishing features. It's not hard to imagine mothers around the world throwing out this little accessory believing it to be a piece of scrap plastic from a model. Many of the loose Secret Wars Daredevil figures seen at toy shows actually use pieces of plastic model "parts trees" as substitutes for the missing baton. While these reproductions do make respectable replacements, they are most certainly not the genuine article.

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