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Action figures were certainly the most prominent promotional items that sprung from the Secret Wars franchise. When people think of Secret Wars merchandise, this is most often what they think of. Interestingly, it was the toys that inspired everything else. According to former Marvel Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter, Mattel came to Marvel with the title "Secret Wars." Thus, comic series was born. And with it came these memorable Marvel figures.

The figures were Marvel's answer to Kenner's DC Super Powers line also launched in 1984. The Secret Wars figures were articulated only at the shoulders, hips and neck and had no special "action feature" (Super Powers figures had both knee joints and built in action features).

All figures came with "Secret Shields." The Heroes came with round shields and the Villains came with square shields. These shields came with a series of two-sided inserts that changed the scene when tilted. With a few notable exceptions, the most figures came with few other accessories and the accessories that were present (e.g., guns) were reused frequently.

Despite these shortcomings, these figures remain fan favorites. And in 1984, they were the only game in town. While many of these figures were destined for better versions in later lines, the Secret Wars figures represent a nostaligic era for Marvel toys. It was the first real marriage of Marvel comics and toys. Not too shabby.

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