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The Ultimate Guide to

Doctor Octopus

"Tentacled Terror"

First Series
No accessories

Dr. Otto Octavius (a.k.a. Dr. Octopus) made his figural debut in the Secret Wars first series. As one of the Villains in the Secret Wars limited series, Doc Ock made a splendid figure to be included. Having four extra mechanical appendages made Dr. Octopus one of the most unique figures in the line. However, the mechanical appendages were not true "bendies" and had somewhat limited poseability. As a result, the extra appendages are often broken on loose figures.

Despite this minor shortcoming, the figure itself is a fine representation of the character as seen in the comic continuity of the era. The yellow and green costume is shockingly bright yet appropriate. And the scowl on the figure's bespeckled face is simply priceless. The trademarked "salad bowl" haircut is also present to round out this wonderful figure.

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