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Second Series
"Goblin Glider" accessory

The Hobgoblin is arguably the most interesting choice for inclusion in the Secret Wars line of figures. The character was relatively new to the Marvel Universe when the line was introduced. His predecessor, the Green Goblin, had made an appearance in Mego's World's Greatest Superheroes line. However, the Hobgoblin was not a part of the Secret Wars limited series comic. Given the omission of a Spiderman villain who actually was in the comic (the Lizard) it seems an odd choice to say the least.

Despite the questionable choice, the figure itself is remarkable. The second series of figures made some departures from the stock sculpting found in the first series. The Hobgoblin figure is one of the best examples of these improvements. The figure includes a molded plastic cape (missing from both Magneto and Dr. Doom in the first series) which complements the molded hood. The facial sculpting is superb in its detail, with an appropriately menacing scowl of laughter emanating from his lips. The toe-curled boots are a nice detail. The only additional paint detail is the belt and buckle.

The figure also came with the largest accessory, the purple Goblin Glider. The figure is able to ride the glider and one only wishes for a single pumpkin bomb to round out the ensemble. However, fans would have to wait for the Toy Biz Spiderman version to actually get the pumpkin bomb accessory.

Given the limited distribution and popularity of the second series of figures, the Hobgoblin is one of the most popular figures in the series. Given the strength of this figure, one is left to wonder how future series might have improved had the line continued.

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