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Time-Travelling Conqueror

First Series
Double-barrel pistol and removable belt-harness accessories

Kang is a legendary time-travelling villain of the Marvel Universe who has locked horns with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America and the Avengers. Another interesting choice for inclusion in this line of figures, especailly considering his minor role in the Secret Wars comic series. After a failed attempt to assassinate Dr. Doom, Kang is himself disintegrated by Ultron (under Doom's command). Kang makes a brief reappearance near the end of the series when Dr. Doom revives him as a gesture of his good intentions and reformation.

The figure itself is an adept recreation of the figure as he appeared in the comics of the day. The costume is a deep green with purple accents. The light blue face plate rounds out the ensemble. Also included is a removable, purple chest and belt strap. Despite this faithful recreation, the character's limited exposure and popularity led this figure to be one of the least popular of the series. Without question, this was the figure that remained the longest on retail shelves, being found literally years after the series was cancelled. Even on today's secondary market, Kang can be had for a fraction of the cost of many of the more popular figures.

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