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Iron Man

"Armored Avenger"

First Series
Double barrel pistol accessory

The Iron Man figure is a wonderful representation of the classic armor worn by the armored Avenger. However, the character itself is not what it at first appears to be. Many fans of the old shellhead believe the Secret Wars version of Iron Man to be an incarnation of Tony Stark, millionaire industrialist and inventor who originated the role. However, as a footnote in Marvel's continuity, you might recall that Tony Stark retired for a time, leaving the mantle of Iron Man to his protege James Rhoades. It was during this period that the Secret Wars limited series was published and thus the Iron Man of this line is actually the first incarnation of the man who would go on to be a hero in his own right as War Machine.

The figure is a crisp sculpting job done in red and yellow. Both the faceplate and chest symbol are easily worn making this another figure that is difficult to find loose in mint condition. Although this may not be the prototypic Tony Stark Iron Man, both the figure and the character remain fan favorites.

Both Tony Stark and James Rhoades would be produced again in figural form. Tony Stark would appear again in the Marvel Superheroes line by Toy Biz and would eventually get his own short-lived line of figures to accompany the equally short-lived animated series. Two versions of War Machine would ressurect James Rhoades in the Iron Man line.

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