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Captain America

"Marvel Super Heroes Leader"

Captain America
First Series
No accessories

Billed as the leader of the Marvel Super Heroes, Captain America is the prototypic figure of the series. Sleek yet muscular, the sculpting is actually quite good. Unlike the Mego version of Captain America (the most recent predecessor of this longstanding comic icon), the Secret Wars version accurately reflects Cap's uniform including the white stripes on the arms and the correct type boots. The pips on Captain America's cowl are slightly awkward and are easily worn down or broken off.

About the only complaint one might make regarding this figure is the absence of Cap's trademark red, white and blue circular shield. Of course, the figure included the generic "Secret Shield" as did all the Secret Wars figures. But this shield is hardly a replacement for Cap's traditional and ever-present version.

As noted with several other figures, Cap has some paint details that are very easily rubbed off. In this case, it is the red stripes on Cap's abdomen and lower back as well as the "A" on his forehead that are easily worn off. Loose figures in mint condition are often difficult to find because of this problem with the detail paint.

Captain America was to be recreated again in Toy Biz's 1991 Marvel Super Heroes line, but many feel that version leaves much to be desired. A more recent version of Cap has yet to be made, so the Secret Wars version stands as one of the best incarnations ever found in the toy universe.

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