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Secret Wars

Secret Wars Limited Series Issue Guide

In 1984, Marvel Comics began its legendary Secret Wars limited series. Destined to stretch across the entire year in 12 monthly installments, this limited series was to set the stage for several future "crossovers" and special events. The series drew together heroes and villains from the far reaches of the Marvel Universe. Most fans either loved or hated this new experiment; few were ambivalent.

Secret Wars was not Marvel's first effort in the realm of the limited series crossover. In 1982, Marvel introduced Marvel Super Heroes Contest of Champions. While the relative merits of the two series are certainly debatable, the release of Secret Wars in May of 1984 was extremely well-received by comic buyers. Each issue sold nearly three quarters of a million copies. Written by then Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter, Secret Wars was an event that helped to define the direction of the Marvel Universe for years to come.

Below is a synopsis of each issue, including a reproduction of the covers of each issue. Be forewarned, these pages contain spoilers for each issue, so if you like to be surprised, don't read the synopsis. Click on the cover of the issue you would like to see.

And if this series of pages is well-received, we will consider a companion series for the Secret Wars II limited series. If you'd like to see that come true, drop us a line.

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