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First Series
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Another first for the Secret Wars line was the premiere of Magneto in figural form. One of the most popular and enduring characters in the Marvel Universe, Magneto started his career as the X-Men's arch enemy (X-Men #1, 1963). However, at the time of the release of the Secret Wars limited series comics, Magneto had been undergoing a transformation in the Marvel continuity. Reforming his evil ways, the Mutant Master of Magnetism had begun to ally himself with Professor X and the X-Men.

Although in the limited series comics Magneto is viewed with suspicion by many of the other heroes, he is teleported to the Battleworld on the Heroes' team. In the end, Magneto helps the Heroes win the conflict and never once allies himself with Doom's forces. Despite his allegiance in the comic, Magneto's longstanding image as a villain must have been too much to overcome for the toy line because he is grouped with the rest of the villains in the set.

Despite this misclassification, the Magneto figure is truly well done. Lacking his trademarked cape, the sculpting of the figure is classic Magneto. The permanently molded helmet is a detailed replica of the version seen in the comics, although the figure lacks painted eyes (as do several of the figures from this line). As mentioned with many of these figures, there are small paint accents which can be easily rubbed off, making loose figures difficult to find in mint condition. In Magneto's case, the rivets on his collar and accents on his boots are the trouble spots. Despite some minor imperfections, this is a wonderful debut for a figure of Magneto. The character would be recreated several more times in various X-Men lines for Toy Biz. But this one is truly the original.

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