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rtmspotlight.gif - 6075 Bytes

rtmlablogo.gif - 7760 Bytes Welcome to RTM Spotlight! This is where we let the monkeys run wild in the RTM Toy Testing Labs with the latest and greatest from the world of toys, and share the results with you - our loyal readers .

Periodically the RTM Spotlight will shine on a different toy that we feel warrants special mention. It may be a new release or a vintage item out of the RTM Vault, or even a special preview of an upcoming release.

mysterymachine_logo.jpg - 5293 Bytes Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Right here in the RTM Spotlight, that's where! Equity Marketing's most excellent Mystery Machine Playset gets the Spotlight this time around. [10-13-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes

21st Century Toys have declared war on action figures, and Xtreme Detail is their weaponry. Check out the amazing Sherman Tank from the new 1:8 Xtreme Detail line. [09-22-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes
21st_usxd_title.jpg - 6036 Bytes

kong_logo.gif - 7016 Bytes The RTM Spotlight falls upon McFarlane Toy's new Deluxe King Kong action figure from the Movie Maniacs 3 assortment. [09-15-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes

Uni-Five's Great Mazinger re-issue gets the RTM Spotlight treatment. Collectors who appreciate their toys big, or grew up in with Mattel's Shogun Warriors line are sure to have a fond spot in their heart for this bad boy! [08-25-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes
greatmazinger_title.gif - 4207 Bytes

mortalkombat_logo_sm.jpg - 4431 Bytes The RTM Spotlight falls upon Infinite Concepts' long-awaited Mortal Kombat action figures, featuring the innovative C.O.G.J.I.T. system. [08-04-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes

Kaiyodo/Xebec Toys gets the Spotlight yet again with their latest Fist of the North Star figures. Awesome sculpts and tons of articulation make these hot! [07-28-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes
northstar_logo_sm.jpg - 4178 Bytes

devilman_title_sm.jpg - 5794 Bytes Xebec Toys finds themselves in the RTM Spotlight again. This time it's their ultra-detailed Devilman action figure. This star of manga and anime makes the leap to fully-articulated action figure with flair. [07-14-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes

Takara's Microman line gets hot under the RTM Spotlight Come see why some of the smallest heroes are some of the coolest. [06-16-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes
microman_jp_logo_sm.jpg - 4547 Bytes

virtualon_logo_sm.gif - 5189 Bytes The Spotlight shines on Xebec Toys Virtual On Temjin. The RTM monkeys have declared this one of the coolest looking robot figures yet. [06-07-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes

The RTM Spotlight is shining like a Full Moon...Full Moon Toys, that is! Full Moon Toys Deluxe 12" Blade action figure gets the spotlight. [05-26-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes
12bladelogo.gif - 3882 Bytes

dm_jackie_logo.gif - 5195 Bytes The Spotlight shines on Dragon Model's 12" Jackie Chan, the first in a series of 12" Jackie Chan figures. [05-19-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes

We have turned the Spotlight on Bandai's Gundam Kits, a combination of model kit and action figure with surprising results! [03-09-00].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes
gundam_tn.jpg - 3688 Bytes

bela_fw_icon.jpg - 8530 Bytes The Spotlight shines on Bela Lugosi as Dracula, the first product released from Flatt World Figures [12-15-99].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes

The Spotlight shines on the Interactive Stone Cold Steve Austin figure from Jakks Interactive [12-15-99].
gobutton2.gif - 833 Bytes
wwfwired_icon2.jpg - 7363 Bytes

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