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devilman4.jpg - 21076 Bytes In the U.S. when action figure enthusiasts think of ultra-detailed, monstrous figures McFarlane Toys usually comes to mind. In Japan, it's Xebec Toys, a division of Kaiyodo who is setting the horror figure standard.

Thanks to Diamond Comic Distributors, Xebec Toys are much more accessible to American collectors, available through the Previews catalog.

Diamond recently shipped Xebec's excellently creepy Devilman action figure. This bad boy, from the popular manga and anime created by Go Nagai (of Mazinger Z fame)

As is typical of most Kaiyodo products, the Devilman action figure is a nice blend of super-detailed sculpting, and good articulation (about 12 points).

If you're a fan of the Devilman manga and/or anime, or you just like detailed horror-type action figures, then Xebec Toys/Kaiyodo's Devilman is the figure for you.

This figure is just the tip of the iceberg. Xebec has many more Devilman-based figures coming your way very soon!

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Devilman action figure
Made By: Xebec Toys/Kaiyodo
Height: 7"
Articulation: 12 points
Accessories: none
What Makes It Cool?
Very detailed. Good articulation. Faithful representation of the characters manga stylings.

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