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12" Blade Action Figure - from Full Moon Toys

blade_boxed.jpg - 17061 Bytes One of the first releases from Full Moon Toys was the 6" Blade action figure from their Puppet Master line. Now, Full Moon has given the popular character the deluxe treatment with a 12" fully-articulated figure. If you thought the smaller version was cool - this one'll blow you away!

The 12" Blade figure features a sculpted head that was cast directly from the Blade puppet used in the Puppet Master movies. Every detail is captured from the head to the shoes on it's feet, which are exact replicas of the shoes worn by the puppet in the films.

The 12" Blade figure was originally offered through Full Moon Direct, and is now exclusive to Tower Records.

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12" Blade Action Figure
Made By: Full Moon Toys
Height: 12"
Articulation: 14+ points
Accessories: Comes with cloth costume, removable and interchangeable weapons.
What Makes It Cool?
Puppets are creepy, and this guy is no exception. This is the puppet that will scare the tar out of you when you see it catch the moonlight on your toyshelf in the middle of the night. It's 12 inches of poseable freaky puppet coolness.

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